The Fall Of For-Profit College, (ITT)

ITT Tech

     The ITT Educational Services Management Q3 2012 Results are out.  This is a company that has experience a great deal of volatility in recent years due to the for-profit college sector taking some hits from federally funded investigations.  As a result of Senator Harkins report which came out in Q2, the ESI stock value … Continue reading

The Slave Class Manifesto

First let me introduce myself.  I am a thirty something, have served in the Army, am currently studying anything I feel like, and have no other notable credentials.  Despite my lack of framed papers I tend to think I have been around long enough to be given a moment to share my observances.  As we … Continue reading

Norquist’s Pledge trumps the oath of office!

    I think America is well overdue for a witch hunt. The witch I am speaking of is Grover Norquist. Norquist started aprogram in 1985 called Americans for tax reform.  Please, don’t be deceived by the glaring patriotic sounding name.  You would think Grover was a politician, or at least a former politician, but you would … Continue reading

The Current American Depression…why? (Taking back America)

The Current American Depression…Why? The next American depression. Has it begun, and will it be over soon? If we look at history, ( in which I strongly urge us all to do), we will see that past depressions are a failure of many social programs and financial institutions that must hit rock bottom before mounting the … Continue reading

What will happen after occupy wall street is over?

What will happen after occupy wall street is over?   If you have read my previous post about the second great enlightenment you know we are at a pivotal point in world history.  The rapid spread of information,( which governments are finding increasingly difficult  to impede upon), has lead us to movements like the Arab … Continue reading

The American Media Works In Solidarity

The American Media works in solidarity (An observation)                   The Occupy Wall Street movement has gone global despite heavy criticism from the American media.   Over the course of the past month the media has chosen to cover the protests like a bipolar band of idiots.  When the protest first began the media covered the … Continue reading


        President Obama is more concerned about the violence in Egypt than the voices of his suffering countrymen/women.  He is more concerned about the welfare of other people than his own people.  He is possibly preparing to take action for people of other countries like Libya, and Egypt, and Palestine, yet he fails to even … Continue reading


CLANDESTINE IN THE MIDDLE EAST There is no question that the middle east is in a constant state of chaos.  When one country revolts two or three others are not far behind.  Terrorism, thrives like cockroaches after a nuclear showdown.  It seems the harder MENA nations fight the infidels, the more chaos pores out of … Continue reading

America The Economic Cannibal

 Our National Debt                At this stage in America’s economic crisis it would be hard to believe a resident of this country has no concern for the path we are on.  Looking at the history of our countries debt, it is unfathomable that educated people have been managing the budget, and yet their ability to … Continue reading

Who’s In My Head?

The Skinner Box                         Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to control someone’s thoughts or actions?  Are you as skeptical as I am when you see a hypnotist turn a normal panel of subjects into a live action “Old McDonald’s Farm”?                            Well, I can tell you without flinching that we are being manipulated … Continue reading