The Slave Class Manifesto

First let me introduce myself.  I am a thirty something, have served in the Army, am currently studying anything I feel like, and have no other notable credentials.  Despite my lack of framed papers I tend to think I have been around long enough to be given a moment to share my observances.  As we all know life isn’t always peachy, some of us have a rather tough go at it, and I wanted to share with the world a point of view that may not be heard often enough.

            History, though some argue it has no basis in echoing past events, many do agree that there are lessons to be learned.  Out of the foggy past we do see similarities.  Sometimes we even see how pivotal events could have easily been thwarted given an alternate decision had been entertained.  While there are some obvious blunders, one may notice there are events which are much more difficult to scrutinize.  The American revolution for example was a product of discontent on a number of levels, and it is hard to imagine the acts leading up to it occurring any differently, and why would we consider such a thing?  Often times we criticize the actions of generals or presidents rather than the events which lead up to the events, and more times than not it is in fact the actions leading up to the event which are more important to us in the present.  Before I go any further let me arrive at my thesis.

            In every portion of history, and today, right now, is without exception, there is a working class, or slave class.  As you read this manifesto there are millions of people in this world working as slaves, or at a slave wage.  Right now there are people working to survive, and are still suffering.  Yes, it happens in third world countries, and newly industrialized nations, but it also happens in America, in Europe, it happens everywhere.  There will always be a need for a working class.  Socialism, communism, democracy, dictatorship it doesn’t matter because capitalism is alive and well in every form of government in the world.  Capitalism by my definition means to gain material wealth without limitation, or concern of others.  In order for capitalism to work one must make money by selling products or services to the masses, and in so doing they gain capital.  Often those who prosper in a capitalistic society ignore the needs of the laborers who helped them gain their wealth.  A Thank you is not enough.  A Thank you is a slap in the face.  It takes an army to put a product in a display case.  Yet very few people make a decent wage as a product makes its way down the path to its consumer.  Now, it is one thing to make huge profits off of products like designer watches, which are not essential to human survival, on the other hand when products like fuel become the most profitable commodity in the worst economic downturn in nearly a century there is something to be said.  Fuel is the backbone of America.  Without fuel there would be no product shipment, crop cultivation, or government, yet the counties around the world were herded like cattle through soup lines run by the petrol companies. 

            The recent activities of the rich getting richer are proof that people with money don’t care about those who make that capital possible.  We live in a world where the rich choose to look the other way as people suffer.  How often do we see the rich and famous on an infomercial asking you to donate fifty cents a day for children in Africa?  Yet on their way to the studio to record the voiceovers they probably past half a dozen homeless people in their own country.  They don’t want to see or hear the working class which makes them rich.  They will never give the working class the credit they deserve, but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

            America, it is a place we are proud to call home.  We love our country, but many of us don’t even realize what it took to get us to where we are today.  We annihilated the Natives.  America had more slaves than any other country during the slave trade.  This country was formed on the backs of slaves, and when they were freed they still worked for slave wages.  Even today we have a minimum wage which is impossible to live on alone.  It is time the rich acknowledge the poor by helping us when we are down, because without us those factories wouldn’t produce, those trucks wouldn’t roll, those roads wouldn’t be passable. 

            In this last economic downturn the largest companies in this country were given a helping hand, while hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes, and I watch the news as they blamed the working class for taking a bigger loan than they could handle.  They blamed the autoworkers for not being able to pay their bills, they blamed the construction workers, and they blamed all of us for not having the foresight to be prepared for this economy we now find ourselves in.  Instead of helping us pay our mortgages, they gave the banks billions of dollars, and what did the banks do in return?  Nothing! 

            Without the slave class the rich are nothing.  That means there always has to be a slave class in order for the rich to exist.  I like living in a world where I can fight my way to the top, but I don’t like being unable to afford gas, or food, or medical care.  We are here because of us.  “United we stand”, it spans more than just nations, it is humanity.  We must stop treating each other as a means to our own ends.  As a child my family was on welfare, and still my mother donated canned goods to the food drives.  That is compassion, when you need help finding your next meal and you are still concerned about the next persons meal.  The rich don’t see us though, they don’t hear us, and they think they don’t need us, they are mistaken. 

            We all eat based on buying and selling, and when a trend is good we tend to overproduce.  But who is hurt by overproduction?  The worker.  When the next fad fades out the factory workers get laid off before they can fully pay into retirement, they are often cut loose with minimal benefits which will expire after a time, yet the corporate executives which failed to manage the company and save the production line get full pension, full benefits, and a great bullet on their resume.  While the factory workers get in line at the unemployment office, and they have to try to explain the gap in work history to their next employer.  Too many of my friends and family have lost homes, jobs, and even unemployment benefits.  It should be the responsibility of the wealthy, to ensure the well being of everyone who made their wealth possible and if that means taking only half of a record profit in a down economy then so be it. 


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