Police Raid OWS, and Youtube refuses to show video’s.

        Zuccotti park was subject to police action last night November 15th, after flyers had been sent out to warn the protesters.  Despite warnings from police many protesters stood their ground peacefully.  The reason for the recent break up of zuccotti park was for sanitary concerns and fire hazards.

        I had the incredible honor of visiting Zuccotti park a week ago, what I found was interesting.

        It was 6am on the 5th of November.  My first visit to New York was everything I’d hoped it would be.  The cab driver asked me where I was going, and I told him, “Zuccotti park”.  He dropped me off and said, “union station is over there and the protestors are around the corner.”  I walk for several minutes, and then decided I’d better ask someone.  The man was wearing shorts and a T-shirt in forty degree weather.  He had a large black trash bag in his hand and was scouring the curbs for recyclables.  He told me gleefully that I had a long walk, but to enjoy the city on the way.  So with his sentiment in mind I set off for the financial district.

          It was like I was Buddha experiencing the Nations greatest city, and life’s greatest lessons on a forty-five minute walk.  The man I had talked to was homeless, but very happy.  I was wearing three layers and still cold.  As I walked I ran into China town.  This part of the city looked and smelled worse than Iraq.  Trash was everywhere.  People didn’t seem to mind that rotting food was being picked at by oversized rodents.  I noticed a man getting ready to open his restaurant.  The days food items rested nicely in clear plastic garbage bags in front of his store on the very same ground that seemed to crawl with parasites.

          Soon I passed the Brooklyn bridge and then, finally I reached Zuccotti park.  Many of the protesters where still asleep, but some were up, ready to take on the day.  I talked to two young men who had come down for the weekend, both college students with the same gripes I have.

           I moved through the encampment, to absorb the scenery, and to experience if only for a moment, people fighting for a cause much greater than America.

           I quickly noticed how clean the park was.  I looked on for hours as people constantly swept and picked up trash.  The media had said the park smelled, yet I didn’t smell anything unpleasant.  The media said that local businesses were being hurt.  Yet, Panini and company next to the park was constantly busy.  In fact, they had a line going out the door on a Saturday.  I personally ate there twice.  The media is lying to us.  China town is a health hazard, I wouldn’t recommend anyone go into china town.  It smell putrid, trash is everywhere and the restaurant owners don’t handle their food according to heath codes.  The kitchen at Zuccotti park on the other hand was very clean.

          The fire hazard is also ridiculous.   I saw more Cops in that tiny square than I’ve seen in my entire life.  There are more cameras and people watching than you could possibly imagine.  How on earth could a fire last more than a second under those conditions.  You see it was just an excuse.  It was a nation wide crack down.  Our government doesn’t want people to protest.  They want to take away our rights.  They are succeeding.  They are winning this battle.  Let me show you how.

          This is a screen shot of videos uploaded pertaining to the police raid on Zuccotti park. (Click to enlarge).





This is the message you get from YouTube.com if you click on one of these videos. (Click to enlarge)





Any questions?




         We don’t’ have freedom of the press.  We don’t have the right to petition our representatives‘.  We don’t have the right to assemble.  Soon they will take away the freedom of speech.  What is next America?


I can go to youporn.com right now and watch some of the most profane sexual acts you can think of just by clicking a button.  Yet I can’t go to you tube.com and watch videos uploaded by my peers pertaining to the revocation of American Rights?


It doesn’t matter anyway.  The greed in this country has become insatiable.  The greedy pests will line their pockets as this nation collapses, and go set up shop in the next gullible country like Canada, Germany, or Libya.  But you know when that day comes, there is a majority that will step up and take charge of the newly forming nations. 

           It happened to Russia not too long ago, It can happen to the USA, and it will if changes aren’t made.  Good luck to all of you who fight on the side of the ethical treatment of human beings.  Just remember that GM is not GM without its employees,  the rich can’t get wealthy without the MAJORITY of the world working for them.  They must always keep that in mind.

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