The Current American Depression…why? (Taking back America)

The Current American Depression…Why?

The next American depression. Has it begun, and will it be over soon? If we look at history, ( in which I strongly urge us all to do), we will see that past depressions are a failure of many social programs and financial institutions that must hit rock bottom before mounting the slow climb back up. The Great depression was not a crash as the headlines wish you to believe. It was a gradual decline into the depths that was succeeded by an even more gradual climb back out. The great depression spanned nearly 30 years, and during this time people were forced by their circumstances to question the institutions which contributed to the fall. Another misnomer is that the Great depressions was the only economic failure this country has experienced not including the current one we find ourselves floundering in. Actually there were several economic lapses which created some rather desperate times. Also since 2008 the experts have been saying we hit rock bottom and now we will start to see a gradual climb from the depths of this dry economic well. Yet, here we are jobless overburdened with bills, and on the verge of losing everything we have worked for because the leaders of this nation chose to dither over issues that may help the 99% or the 1%. It seems in recent times the only positive changes they have made were to the benefit of the 1% like the bail-outs, and the sudden extra medical fee burden on the middle class. These and many other failures have lead us to our current position. With little else to do our fellow Americans have taken to the street, because you and I know congress can’t hear people sitting in their living rooms. That is why this depression is still at rock bottom, because our nation’s leaders have failed to meet the demands of the majority.

We live in a country where they spend more time teaching us that communism is evil in our public schools than actually teaching us the truth. They spend more time teaching us how to follow the rules and be productive members of this country than teaching us how this country actually works. In 13 years of public education I spent one year learning how our government works. You would think our nation would want everyone to be capable of understand the voting system, and to cast their vote with authority rather than majority. But, that’s just it America. They don’t want you to notice that you don’t actually get to pick your congressman, senators and president. They want you to feel like your vote counts, and they pound that idea into your head. Yet we have not had a fair presidential election for over one hundred years.

I tell you this with conviction our country is NOT for the people by the people anymore. Our country is by the people for the corporations, we work our collective asses off to make sure Job and Gates have shiny shoes today, tomorrow and the next day. The rich complain about being taxed, yet their fortunes would disappear if we the 99% were to just stop for a day or two. Just imagine what would happen if all of the truck drivers in this country went on strike. What if they just parked their trucks and left them, and found a ride home. Yes people would starve, people would die, and the rich would have to find some way to keep their profits. I don’t condone anarchy, but if that is the only way you can get your government to get out of bed with the money holders then make it so.

Our system wasn’t intended to be this way. Any politician, educator, or American who honestly thinks that the way our country works is by design they are not only lying to you, but to them themselves. Look around! Wake up and look the Freak around people!  The Oil companies are mating with the Auto industry. The banks are sodomizing our politicians. The pharmaceuticals are humping the insurance companies. It’s a giant “I’m rich Bitch” orgy! They do this despite the best interest of us and the world. We could have green cars, we could have green energy, but the Oil and Auto industry are giving our politicians KY hand jobs.  The 1984 concept of big brother is the least of our concern.  It is Big Business we should be afraid of.  After WWI and WWII these big money enterprises found huge profits.  Companies like Ford, GM, Standard Oil and the like saw the potential war brought, but more importantly they saw the potential assimilated countries brought.  That’s right ASSIMILATED COUNTRIES!  Whatever do I mean?   Ever since WWI the big businesses have found it easier to dig their foundation shattering roots into countries that had been converted to the faith.  The democratic faith that is.  And when these countries give in they become a sudden up shot as the flood gates split at the hinges with investors and sister companies of major international brands.  Then the rich 1% start buying politicians and implanting their own slimy sleeper agents that will rise to simple occasions like sway the house of representatives into making major tax cuts for the rich, or bailing out poorly managed companies that have grown too big for their own good.

America, we have been had by an alien breed that has one intention: to suck the nation of ALL its resources and talent before moving on to the next.  We must fight this rather small pocket of villains.  We have to show them that they will no longer oppress the world.  These are the people that issued the Crusades.  These are the people that attempted genocide. These are the people that use third world countries to fight their proxy wars.  These are the people that accuse you of being a socialist. These are the people that have kept us in Iraq for over ten years.  These are the people that thought slavery was a good  thing.  These are the people that thought nonwhites were savages. These are the people that get free money from us and turn around and charge us interest for it.  These are the people that got us into this mess.  I will be damned if I let these people do one more thing in this country.  It is time we take back our freedom.  It is time.   Let’s do this Occupiers.  May we move ever forward in this battle for what is right.

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