What will happen after occupy wall street is over?

What will happen after occupy wall street is over?

If you have read my previous post about the second great enlightenment you know we are at a pivotal point in world history.  The rapid spread of information,( which governments are finding increasingly difficult  to impede upon), has lead us to movements like the Arab Spring, Wisconsin protests, and the Various Occupy movements around the globe.  With the illumination of fractures in the democratic/capitalistic systems around the world people are beginning to demand change. 
You may think that the OWS movement is a joke, but I have reason to believe this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  If you think back to the American revolution, notice that the growing discontent was not appeased politically.  The British king refused to heed the pleas of the colonists.  Finally the colonists started to use other means to get the kings attention.  The most famous of the deviant acts was of course the Boston tea party, perpetrated by the sons of liberty. 
Now the current system in America is incapable of acting on behalf of the majority.  Our Congress and senate are funded by corporations before they even get elected, and once they are in they are hounded by corporate lobbyist.  When a politician casts a vote according to the way a lobbyist suggested, or sways a comity In the favor of the corporation the lobbyist works for, those politicians suddenly get a boost in their next election campaign fund.  This relationship between corporate lobbyists and our elected officials muscles out anyone else who wishes to be heard.  What is worse Corporations are NOT people.  In fact a corporation doesn’t even have a heart beat despite what you may think.  So why do corporations have so much power?  Sadly the answer to that question goes back to the advent of the American banking system which was signed into being by Woodrow Wilson one holiday season in the early 1900’s.  What resulted was the implementation of a banking system which can be traced back to medieval times, and has found a way to control governments around the globe. 
Today we find ourselves in a paradox.  The current system is known by most of our elected officials as being to some degree corrupted, yet that corruption got them elected.  So if the corrupted system is working for you why would you want to change it?  And, there is where our problem lives.  Our elected officials would never vote to Separate Corporations and state.  They would never eliminate the source of their financial backing, and enable everyone to be on the same playing level as them. 
So if our government is incapable of acting in favor of the population what happens next?  The next step is acts of deviants by groups like the famous sons of liberty.  The next step is to try to get the attention of our government.  I am not condoning acts of revolution, I am simply stating that if our government is deadlocked with corporations and cannot act on behalf of the majority the next step then is inevitable. 
I think the modern day sons of liberty already exists today.  That group exists in the form of the hacker group called Anonymous .  Anonymous has already caused a great deal of mischief, and now have allied themselves with the OWS movement. 
People!  I am warning you that the next ten years in this country  may get very turbulent.  Let us hope it never turns violent, but keep in mind, when people are suffering they are capable of doing horrible things. 
I for one am ready for some drastic change in this country, but I never want to see it get violent.  I hope for the sake of my friends and family the revolution is a peaceful one.
America, I love you.  I will see you when the clouds break.

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