The American Media Works In Solidarity

The American Media works in solidarity

(An observation)


                The Occupy Wall Street movement has gone global despite heavy criticism from the American media.   Over the course of the past month the media has chosen to cover the protests like a bipolar band of idiots.  When the protest first began the media covered the protest like any other, making note of their concerns, and adding very little bias commentary to the reports.  But, once it became evident the protest would continue to grow the media, (Cnn, MSNBS, ABC, FOX, CSNBC, Bloomberg, just to name a few), stopped covering the Protests.  For almost two weeks I had to scour the web via Google search, YouTube, and the web site to get any credible information about the protests.  Only in the past few days has the media begun to change their take on the protests and actually start presenting the story with balanced opinions.

                Think about that… We went from unbiased coverage to little and extremely biased coverage, to almost constant and balanced coverage from the above mentioned networks. 

                What can we draw from this very obvious observation?  I would say there are three likely scenarios. 

                 Scenario 1: The major media networks coincidentally covered the OWS protests in precisely the same manner despite claiming to be at both ends of the political realm.  I think the odds of just such a coincidence occurring would have to be very slim considering the range of political bias the networks adhere to. 

                  Scenario 2: The major networks are like robots which all chose to cover the same stories as the associated press and Reuters.  This possibility is more plausible than scenario 1, but still in my opinion highly unlikely.

                  Scenario 3:  All major networks are controlled by some unseen collective.  This sounds like a conspiracy theory, but recent coverage is proof that the media is not in control of their own destiny.  The problem is identifying the unseen media boss.  

                      The fact is all major networks worked in solidarity for about a two week period of time.  During that two weeks the only coverage was meant to attack the protesters intelligence, motives, and of all things hygiene.  They also attempted to give the impression that the protest was losing participation, and would soon be a thing of the past. 

                  But it was only after the protest went global, that the media started to change their stance.  Now, you can watch any major network and actually hear the protesters speak out.  Now, you can hear high ranking Americans talk about the protest in a positive way.  Finally the protesters are being heard.

                    Still, the obvious fact that our media, the media of the free world, seems to lack the freedom to cover such an important issue independently of some high direction is proof that this government needs to change.  Either there is some rich media executive, who controls what goes into the media, or it is our government, and either way that is not freedom. 

                   This brings me back to my solution.

                    Separate corporations and state.  No more lobbyists, no more corporate backed political parties.  No more injection of corporate politicians bent on complicating the tax code, and creating loop holes for their businesses. 

                     It is time Democracy moves into the next stage.  It is time the people get their voice back.

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