President Obama is more concerned about the violence in Egypt than the voices of his suffering countrymen/women.  He is more concerned about the welfare of other people than his own people.  He is possibly preparing to take action for people of other countries like Libya, and Egypt, and Palestine, yet he fails to even speak to the ever-growing sea of American discontent.  Obama is owned like most of our politicians by a force much greater than Democracy.  Our president answers to the source of his party’s power.  He answers to those who hold the nation’s wealth.  He answers to those who own the WORLDS wealth. 

    I have the one true solution to this problem.  It is so simple you may laugh.  You may scoff.   You may even consider me a lunatic.  All I ask is you give me a second to explain my simple solution…

Let us all call, cry, and plea for a ~SEPARATION OF CORPORATIONS AND STATE~ this one simple solution will cut the wire which enslaves our politicians.  This one simple solution will allow the possibilities of capitalism to thrive, while eliminating is ability to control our government.  All major corporations should donate to a universal election fund, along with all unions and individuals.  All election money should be spread evenly to all recognized political parties, and all money raised by each political party will be put into the universal fund before being redistributed.  From hence forth all money spent by political parties will be spent at their discretion with no favorable discounts, or charitable aid to any individual party. 

This will create a multi-party system that has the ability to represent more people than just the far left and the far right.  There are more people somewhere in the middle that are forced to pick either democrat or republican candidates each election despite having major differences with their ideals.  I am not represented in the current system.  I have a Christian based set of morals yet I claim no religion.  I am for the legalization and regulation of prostitution and some drugs.  I am against the war on drugs.  I am against the United States foreign policy.  These are only a few of my views, and there is not one candidate out there that I can say has the same views.  Yet, there are large minorities of people who have the exact same views as I do, and WE are NOT represented. 

Also, this simple change would allow our candidates to cast their votes without worry of losing financial backing for themselves or their party.  Money and political don’t play nicely with the masses.  Much like the Church and government.  The separation of church and state was a positive move for humankind.  Let us take another momentous step in the right direction. 

Finally, after the SEPARATION OF CORPORATION AND STATE, we will be able to focus on more important issues which are influence by big business like healthcare, green energy, and retirement. 

Healthcare is the largest industry in the United States.  Everyone needs healthcare, and it should be a moral imperative that everyone gets healthcare that is equal and fair at a reasonable cost.  A cost that won’t bankrupt them. 

Green energy will never be a real solution until the power of the oil industry is put in check.  The oil companies hold a massive power over all governments.

Retirement,  it is the 99% that have to worry about whether they will be capable of retiring at all, and it is big business that would rather the 99% didn’t .  It is called a slave class, a group of individuals that work for little and are often indentured until death.  Retirement is also a moral imperative for all human beings.  We all have to die, and no one goes out without a fight of some sort. 

Capitalism is inhumane, but a democracy has the power to change that.  That is the beauty of this nation that it is possible to sever the wire between corporations and our government, and it is time to do so now. 



  1. Scott Ellington says:

    1. Thank you for your service.
    2. I entered high school, in 1964, as a saxophoninst. Rather than persist as one of 20 saxophonists competing for fewer than 20 places in the marching band, I volunteered to round out our sousaphone section by becoming it’s number two. The other sousaphonist was a graduating senior. He was already a member of the school’s prestigious stage band for which I wouldn’t be eligible until my sophomore year. In 1966, the Blue Knights stage band of South San Francisco High School was declared the overall winner of the 5-state competiton held at the University of Nevada at Reno. I think 60 bands competed. This was one of a number of crowning achievement for the band’s director, Warren Heckman, who had carefully transcribed and arranged large chunks of the Kenton book for his 30-piece high school band, secured Stan Kenton’s permission to perform the pieces, and made a little bit of history.
    3. Sousaphones inevitably attract the contemptuous attention of an unlimited number of sarcastic assholes, who also think Double B-flat Recording Basses (tubas) are funny.
    4. At a high school reunion in the 90s, Mr. Heckman thanked me for stepping up, volunteering to learn the sousaphone, marching for four years, taking tons of guff, and taking part in three of the best stage bands he’d mounted in his entire career as a musician and educator. He felf I helped him solve a problem. I regarded myself as a fortunate opportunist who saw a chance, took a risk, and found a useful spot in the shadow of magnificent leadership. He said leadership is far less important any enterprise than the people leadership relies upon. Everything that matters is all about The People.
    5. Pierre Fournier’s Archiv recordings of Bach’s Six Suites for Solo Cello persist among my favorite works of art in every medium.
    6. Solutions that can’t work are not solutions.
    7. Late in 2008, I asked the Obama campaign how my donated dollars were spent. No answer came in response, although I asked this question repeatedly (and annoyingly) at Lawrence Lessig’s blog, Henry Jenkins’ blog, Bill Moyer’s Journal blog and at Huffington Post. I’ve concluded that most of the money goes directly in the the very deep pockets of mainstream media organizations which are arms of horizontally- and vertically-integrated transnational conglomerates represented by the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (the AMPTP), an army of lawyers that keeps beating the contractual pants off guilds of writers, actors, directors and producers.
    8. My preference, once your impracticable proposal becomes law, would be to channel campaign revenues through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, rather than the usual mainstream, commercial suspect networks. That is, while were airing pipedreams.
    9. Never stop holding true.
    10. Thank you for your service.

    • Esko says:

      I see your point, but I am always optimistic due to the vibrant history of America. Just think… This country was started by a protest of young colonists calling themsleves the “sons of liberty”. The boston tea party was not the begining, it was the end of the protest phase. The next phase was to arm, and defend the colonies from the British. The greatest nation in the world was faught and defeated by a group of rag tag frontiersmen on a quest for a more perfect government. Today we see these same principles being applied to protests around the world. i might also add, the protests by the sons of liberty came as a result of the great enlightenment, and I you have read my other blog posts, i have every reason to believe we are at the end of what i am calling the Second Great Enlightenment.

      i believe anything can be accomplished with the right team at the right time. much like your band experience, you had a great leader and you had great team members, none of which would have worked with the lack of another. george washington was perhaps the greatest general of American history, and even he had losses. He in my opinoin was also the greatest president of all time, for his views on foriegn policy.

      Nothing, and I mean nothing is impossible.

      The majority of the collonies were agaisnt going to war with Great Britian, but once they knew the ships were coming there was no turning back. Still, there were many, many british loyalists, and still, they lost.

      The beauty of democracy is that change is always a possibility. infact in this type of government change is a constant. the only problem is change takes time, and time is not on our side right now.

      I am confident that some day the 28th amendment “Separation of corporation and state” will occur, I just dont’ know when….

      • Nathan Rose says:

        The system is screwed up beyond repair. That is why the people are protesting and over throwing governments around the world. Its the only way they have found to liberate themselves from the corporate swine who get their greedy hands in the pot.

        Power = Money
        Money leads to greed
        Power = Money = Greed

        I personally dont know many wealthy people, mostly because im not the type of person a wealthy person would resort to relations with. Why? Because i cant afford to sit and eat cavviar with them?

        But then i realized one thing.

        Its an honor for you to know me, more than it is for me to know you. Why? Because all i have ever known is rock bottom, i had a taste of somewhere in the middle, but then i had another realization. Im more happy sitting here sometimes wondering where my next meal will be, or who’s couch i will be sleeping on, than i ever was with enough money to walk into a bar and buy a round for everybody.

        So it makes me wonder what kind of person it takes to be so selfish as to make the world the way you want it by using the money you have to make it that way. It might cause a few hundred thousand people to lose jobs, learn hardship’s cold words whispered into your ear every breaking moment… But thats ok, the world is how you want it so its all good.

        Another thing i constantly wonder is. Where does all this money go that these pollitical groups receive? Surely it does not cost hundreds of millions of dollars to run a campaign, and if it does…. You need to fire your financial advisor and find a bum. They will be far more thrifty than any rich man could ever be. But then again, The bum will probably accept a $20 bottle of jack daniels in place of money, and the financial advisor will ask for an absurd percentage of the money invested.

        But i do say this in all honesty, I want our next president to be a bum.

        Vote for me!!
        -Nate Rose for president!!!

  2. Scott Ellington says:

    If your proposal separates wealth from political influence, why would any corporation donate anything?

    • Esko says:

      But don’t you see? That is precisely the problem. The only reason Corporations donate to political parties is because there is something in it for them. With that paradox you have a system that is based around pleasing American corporations rather than the people. It should be a moral imperative that all human beings get fair access to health care.

      A great way of determining how much a corporation should have to donate would be by finding the average among the fortune 500 that is donated into political venues, like party donations, lobbying, or boards of directors with politically affiliated members. Then in some cases some fortune 500’s would spend less on election money rather than more with a mandatory corporate tax. This tax would be so minute anyway. We are talking about maybe 2% tax rate. Let’s face it the majority of the politicians in DC have some personal ties with big business’s also. This simple deviation will allow our politicians to have fair elections. A growing percentage of Americans would rather see a multiparty system, but who gets all the election money? Democrats and republicans do… But why don’t I get to hear an equal number of debates between the powerhouse parties and the lesser known parties like the libertarian, or Green. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of having to pick between the superficial people of both democrats and republicans every two years. I am not represented, and neither are my friends or family.
      Ask yourself… Do you totally agree with the left or is it the right that has your back? because if there is more than one or two issues that you fail to agree with in your party of choice then they don’t represent you, especially if the issues are as big as Gay marriage, Green energy, or foreign policy.
      The American foreign policy doesn’t seem to change regardless of which party is in office: have you ever put any thought into that? Obama said he was going to bring the troops home and look, we are still there. This is because it is not Obama that decides when our troops come home. For the entire 20th century the American foreign policy has been the same, spread Capitalistic democracy throughout the globe by any means necessary. Every illegal action an American president has made in the 20th century save a few was related to this idea of ending any form of government not affiliated with or resembling the American democracy. That is because the Big Businesses don’t just control the American government, they control all democratic nations. Why do you think it is so important to turn as many Middle Eastern nations into democratic nations? Once they have been assimilated then the big companies can move in and take over. It is modern intellectual warfare, by economic means. To what end you may ask? To creating a collective that controls the worlds wealth, and then wields such immeasurable power you cannot imagine.

      Money is power, I don’t think anyone in this world nor you could disagree with that statement, and government is power. The church at one time was Power, but once the tie was broken the church was just a church. The same implement must be taken against corporations. We must cut the tie. The power of money and the power of government mean that there are entities in this world that have more power than the most powerful governments. The United States may be the largest economy, but they don’t have the power to manipulate hundreds of governments around the globe. Yet, global corporations like BP, have the ability to infiltrate every government, just so long as they are given permission to operate with the contry’s borders, and that people, is where Democracy becomes a tool of mass manipulation.

      • Scott Ellington says:

        Corporations won’t pour money into political campaigns that don’t result in advantages for those corporations. Nothing you’ve said compells them to contribute their wealth to elect candidates they can’t control.
        Presently-nonexistent laws that compel corporations to fund their own political disempowerment require that politicians they presenly own doublecross wealth in order to serve the principles they’re sworn to uphold. I don’t see that happening.

      • Esko says:

        Correct, but what I am saying is that this is the answer to the problem with democracy. Until the two headed beast is slain we will never make any real progress in this country at this point, and we will continue to dither. We may be the great American economy now, but that won’t last forever. There is no need to be innovative in this country anymore because the industry is cornered.

        Let’s have a lesson in problem solving. If you have a headache, you can take a pill and it will give you temporary relief. The pill with take your mind off of the issue and now you can worry about other things. Now, consider that you haven’t really determined why the headache was there to begin with. All you have succeeded in doing is putting a temporay patch on the problem.

        Now let’s correlate that to the occupy Wall Street movement. One of the resounding statements coming from the protesters is Tax the rich. This is like taking a pill for a headache. You aren’t fixing the problem you simply addressing it with a short term patch.

        Scott, I know it would be nearly impossible to create a separation between corporation and state, but I assure you that is the answer to the problem. This is the solution. It will work, and yes, I may never be realized. Still, I won’t change my solution to a problem just because people think it won’t happen.

        Unrelated, but a similar comparison: I played the cello in high school, and was teased for it. I didn’t care that the majority of my peers thought playing the orchestra was a dorky thing to do. Same thing applies here. Just because you or anyone thinks my solution to the problem will never happen, I still hold true to it.

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