Nuke Plants.

What’s the deal with the nuke plants?

Here we go again talking about what I’m sure you all are tired of hearing about.  I know how the media can cover a story, like a psycho killer, stabbing a victim over and over.  But, I may have a few points of interest to discuss which could be a factor in the future of “Nuke Power”. 

In the case in Japans  Fukushima plant we have witnessed only one possible scenario a nuclear plant may face, but there are hundreds we haven’t even thought of.  So I would ask is it worth it?  Is it worth living on cheap energy at the possible cost of destroying entire eco systems or cities?  Are there better ways to produce energy, that don’t include scenarios like we have seen in Japan? 

There are hundreds of Nuke plants throughout the world.  What if we were to witness another Napoleon, who expands his borders rapidly.  How do you manage the shift of power from one person to another?

I propose that a new agreement be added to the Geneva convention, making Nuclear plants off limits as war time targets.  Now this could have some very strategic implications.  For one, a nation might then decide to rely on only nuclear power knowing that, their plants can’t be targeted.  Another would be to hide key officials in nuke plants to protect them from bombings or missile strikes.  Still, there are already hundreds of these plants, and they pose a threat to the entire world, not just the area around them despite what the media has said. 

When a core melts down, the radio activity will outlast humanity.  We are just beginning to understand the power we are trying to handle. 

All I have to say, is there must be a better way to produce energy, which doesn’t have the same liabilities that come with nuclear power.  After all we know it is dangerous, and can be compromised.  We know melt downs will occur no matter how many precautions we take. 

If you know drinking and driving can kill you and others then why do it?  It is reckless.  Is it not?


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