Conspiracy Theorists, Listen To Me!

Tie Your Shoes, Stop Tripping  

Let me tell you about Glenn Beck, and how he seems like your ideal conspiracy theorist.  While he is uncovering, (revealing rather), all the hidden intricacy of the world around us, he appears to have no Idea how one theory ties into another, and therefore contradicts his motives.

A few days ago insightful Glenn breaks a story about Stephen Lerner, a former SEIU employee, who apparently has a planned attack on the American economy.  Stephen Lerner spoke about how the banking system in America needs to change and that if people stop paying on their loans the banks will fail and change will inevitably follow.  It was a rather incriminating story in my opinion, which brings to light Stephen Lerner’s obvious plan to crash our economy

Today as I watched Good old Glen he airs a story about the Federal Reserve Bank, and how corrupt it is.   I do not disagree with Beck, but to air these two stories in the same week is counterintuitive, and is the problem with the Conspiracy crowd. 

The reason Conspiracy theorist get a bad name is because they constantly contradict themselves, or pick up on conspiracies that are plain stupid.  At this point I am certain Glenn Beck is the type of theorist that is going for simple ratings.  He throws his opinion around and when you get something right he gives himself a big pat on the back.

I don’t think he is wrong in how he tries to educate his audience of things they may not be aware of.  I do think he is wrong in how much material he lays on them that is counterproductive to ideas and concepts from previous episodes. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  You have to pick your battles, be sure you know what you’re getting into before you put boots on the ground.  Above all else, avoid these obvious contradictions, which destroy any and all credibility a theory may hold.

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