Should women be allowed in combat jobs?


Damn skippy!

I asked around, both men and women, and what I found was intriguing.  Some of the common answers were that “Women are capable of doing anything a man can do”, which has proven to be true in every area of occupation thus far.  Another concern which seemed to be on the minds of both those who agree,( women should be allowed in combat jobs), and those who disagree said, “When a women is in her menstrual period she may be more aggressive”.  I must draw a comparison with women in law enforcement, who have proven to be more than capable to accomplish the requirements of the job, and in some cases women have been heroic in their actions.  Heroine’s have been recorded throughout history, which is proof that women can not only do what is required of them by occupation, but in times of serious circumstances they can go above and beyond the call of duty.

 Let’s think back to a time when women were considered the property of a men.  Just set your imaginary time machines for 1870, and peer into your great, great, great grandmothers window.  At this point in history women would occasion the work place, but they tended to be “Qualified” for jobs men felt were beneath them.   For instance many factory jobs which required detailed finger work were left to women, sewing is just one example of many.  Also, in 1870 America was at the very beginning of an exciting time called the “industrial revolution”.  For the first time in history women were actually being employed in large quantities.  Still, they were never managers, CEO’s, or even shift manages.  Women were not allowed to run for any political office, nor could they vote.  Women couldn’t be the principle of a school, but they could be teachers.  Women were supposed to tend the chores and raise the children and that was it, end of story.

What you may not know is that thousands of women severed as a volunteer service during the civil war as nurses, by the end of the war many of these women were just as capable of performing surgery as the most skilled male surgeon.  It was this argument among others which sparked a fire known as women’s suffrage.  People like Susan B. Anthony, and Lydia Taft, were pioneers in the realm of speaking out against men, in a male dominant society.  People like Kate Chopin, author of  “The Awakening”, inspired women to break away from social norms, and endorse their constitutional rights, their freedom.

The Blacks were freed, and given more rights than women, which helped fuel the suffrage fire.  Though the Jim Crow laws would eventually take away the very same rights the blacks had acquired under the Emancipation proclamation, women still had a just cause.  In a way the combination of women’s suffrage and the Black civil rights movement, kept a constant pressure on Washington to make changes.

Now, you may ask, what does this history lesson have to do with Women in combat, and to that I have a rather compelling answer. 

To begin, if you think that women today are not in harm’s way, and don’t experience combat like men you are wrong.  Let me fill you in on the female role in the military today.  Women are allowed to enlist into any job a man can except for, front line jobs, like Armored crewmen, infantry, cavalry scout, and so on.  Yet, they can be in artillery, engineers, medical, and any other support type job.  Many of these support jobs are on convoys going into hostile areas as we speak.  Women are dying in the middle east as a result of combat.

If you think women can’t handle being shot at then you are wrong.  In many cases women not only have had to deal with enemy contact, but they have also had to react to that contact, and make battlefield decisions. 

Americans used to think women couldn’t be police officers, or firefighters, or construction workers.  People used to think women weren’t capable of running fortune 500 companies, or making decisions without emotions interfering.  They couldn’t manage a political office.

America, women can do anything they want, just so long as there is no barrier in their path.  If a woman wants to fight America’s enemies face to face, who are we to say she can’t?  What right do we have to say a woman doesn’t have the RIGHT to do something? 

Forget about “We were all created equal,” and remember that in American we all ought to be equal regardless of male ego’s, or past traditions. 


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