Has Obama Gone Too Far?


Our Fearless Leader

You know I think it is funny how France was completely against US and UN intervention in Iraq, and how they accused the US of war crimes.  Now France is coming unhinged over the instability in Libya.  Since they need that oil to keep their country going it seems as though their distaste for American tactics has suddenly changed.

 If you listen to Obama’s address and Bush’s address to the people about attacking a foreign enemy, take notice of the similarity.  I am wondering if “those words” from two different presidents and two different decades were written by the same person, or persons? 

 It really makes you wonder who is running our nation.  Not to mention the fact that Obama acted without even addressing congress.  If you ask me he has spent his entire presidency wielding power like a dictator.  I have never seen a president who was capable of controlling the government so completely.

Somehow he still finds time to not only discuss the NCAA bracket, but he knows about every team, and what they are capable of, yet we don’t know what our mission is in Libya.  He spends time coaching his daughters team rather than spending time explaining his actions to the People of this country.  He goes golfing when one of the worst natural disasters in world history strikes an ally.  How can he possibly find time to be a president right now?  It seems his personal life is pretty full of novelties. 

 I’m sorry, but when you become president, you give up your freedom.  Your job is to serve the people, and run the country.  Take a vacation at the end of your term, and if you can’t go without taking a break, don’t run for reelection for Christ’s sake.  Seriously, the president works for this nation for four years, eight if he/she gets reelected, and then they get a nice paycheck, and personal bodyguards for the rest of their happy little lives.  I digress.

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