Why Vote America? Does it count?




I recently went on a fact finding crusade trying to get to the bottom of the electoral system.  What I found was not just appalling, but downright unconstitutional. 

Every four years I get excited for election season.  I start looking at who is going to be a good candidate, and listening to the media for any tidbit of information about the supposed nominees.  Then Election Day comes, I put on my Sundays best (even though it’s a Tuesday), and I head down to my local school.  I stand in line chatting with the people near me about who should be president, and why.  When you ask people who they are going to vote for, they tend to say politely that they will not tell, as if by telling they may hex their candidate.  It seems to be the most American day, when we can all stand in line and cast a vote, which is an extension of our freedom as Americans.

What I am going to tell you may change your mind about who we select our presidents.  We the people, don’t actually select our presidents, the Electoral College does.  Now, I know what you’re thinking, “That’s hog wash”, but it is true.  You see, the Electoral College is a group of people whose vote is meant to represent everyone in their state, yet it would be impossible for that to happen.  Okay, this is how it works.

The electoral voters:  each state has a predetermined number of voters based on the number of senators and congressmen that state has in Washington. So in Wyoming they get 3 electors and in Texas they get over 30.  In each state the electors are supposed to all vote in favor of the popular vote, and there are legal ramifications if they don’t.  When it comes to them voting in this way it is almost always in perfect unison with the popular vote.  The president then carries the state, as they say.  In order for a president to get elected they must have the majority of the electoral vote, but they don’t have to have the popular vote.  This system was originally put in place to help resolve ties, but as of now it seems unnecessary and corrupt. 

Now let me tell you the real scandal.  The electors are selected by everyone in the state during the short bill, but the candidates are selected by the states political parties. 

Okay so that is the electoral system, which is not needed, but I must delve even deeper into the subject. 

Even without the electoral system the way we select our presidents is still, not by the people.  We can vote in the primaries, but already the candidates have been selected by their parties’ right?  The parties are backed by whom?  They are backed by big business, and not just American big business, but companies from all over the world. 

Before we even get to cast a vote the world’s corporations have already selected the slimy bastards for us to squabble over.  It’s not like only one person, or one political PARTY can be in the favor of the big money holders of the world.  So while we the people are split over Democrat and republican we don’t realize that both parties are working for Big Money. 

Don’t you find it interesting that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party fit together like a lock and key?  The fact that they represent both sides of the spectrum on every issue you can imagine is by design. 

Why do we have a two party system?  Big business is why.  They rule both parties.

The really sad part about this is the majority of us commoners have absolutely no idea this is happening, and I would expect that the majority of the politicians caught up in the system don’t knew they are being played like a drum either. 

So how you may ask can this be fixed?  I have such a simple solution that could change America for good, and make in a true democracy. 

First we need to stop all direct campaign funding, and put all the money into a pot.  Then we need to fix the state side elections so that anyone who has a brain in allowed to run in local, then regional, then state elections.  So in each state there will be one candidate regardless of population, or party affiliation.  Then each of those fifty candidates will be drilled with questions for two weeks and given equal television and internet appearances.  Then there will be two national elections the first will be to vote on these fifty candidates, and other local officials.  The top ten candidates will then be given an equal share of the election fund money.   At no time can a debate be held without all candidates present, even if it via teleconference.  After a decent campaign period the final national election will be held, where the president and vice president will be elected as first and second popular vote recipients.  Also at this time other national offices will be voted on. 

This idea of mine has been criticized as communist in nature, but I assure you there is nothing communist about it.  In fact it is the closest to a true democratic election you could possibly get, without the American public having to vote on a daily basis from now until eternity. 

I am tired of going to the polls and seeing people on the ballot that I didn’t even know were running for office.  I am tired of having to pick my president based on who the two major parties endorse.  I am tired of not really having a vote, when electing the most important job in the world. 

There you have it.  A very simple solution to a very complex problem…. Now, let me have it!



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