9/11 Who Done It?

September, 11, 2001

Just like most of you I know exactly where I was when the Trade Center was attacked.  It was a frightening moment in my life, filled with uncertainties.  After the second tower was hit, I was wondering how long this attack was going to last, days, weeks, months?  As I watched the live reports with my father and siblings, the events kept unfolding before our eyes.  I couldn’t look away as I saw people wave white garments high above the city, and even as some of them jumped to their death, I watched. 

Since that horrific day, conspiracy theories have surfaced, and while some do raise questions others just don’t add up.  I want to attack one of these theories, as I may have stumbled upon something others may not have thought of.

Building 7, which was only televised once, (video has resurfaced), and looks as if it came down under controlled demolitions.  The theory is that building 7 is the proof that all three buildings came down with controlled explosives, which were perpetrated not by the terrorists, but some elite political group within our government. 

Now if you have ever seen the demolition of a building you could look at the way the towers fell, and draw that parallel, but I think what the conspiracy theorists are missing is the amount of preparation, and raw material that goes into the demolition of a building. 

When a building is going to be demolished, the crew guts many secondary, or non primary supports, along with removing any support structures that are within the building that are not of importance to the integrity of the building.  Then they drill thousands of holes into the supports and stuff them with explosive.  They run detonation cord from each packed hole; each cord is cut to a specific length for timing purposes.  Then each level is tied into the next according to order of detonation.  Then it is run to a central terminal, where a switch board or a single switch will send the charge initiating the chain reaction.

Now in the demolitions world it takes a few weeks to strip, prep, and destroy a building.  Yet, if these buildings had actually been wired for demolitions, it would’ve had to be done quietly, under cover from surveillance, over a period of month’s possibly even years, without anyone noticing.

If you have ever drilled a one inch diameter whole into a central support in a high-rise, or just a hole in such a place at all, you might begin to understand how hard it would be to get away with drilling even a handful of them before someone started complaining.

Now I do believe it is possible that the terrorist may have planted a few bombs before flying liners into the skyscrapers, but I have my doubts that the US government was behind the whole thing. 

Also, if you were going to bring down some buildings with explosives, and try to make it look like it came down on its own, why would you bring it down in a controlled manner?  Do you think that if the government was smart enough to plan the whole thing, and make it look like terrorist did it, yet fail to think about the way the buildings would fall, and if it would look legit or not?  Finally, if the buildings were brought down with explosives, it had to have been done by professionals, and you all know as well as I do that if you had people laying explosives or drilling holes in those buildings, someone would have opened their mouth by now. 

This leaves me to believe that the controlled demolitions theory is impossible.

But there are some other theories, which point out things which don’t quite add up.  I may touch on those subjects In the future. 

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