Who is the Anti-Christ?(click here)


  1. Barrack Obama?

  2. Rev. Wright?

  3. Quidaffi?

  4. Bush Jr?

  5. your 6th grade math teacher?

This happens to be a very jaded subject from my prospective.  If it weren’t for the constant accusations directed at nearly every world leader at any given time, I might actually fall into the doomsday crowd.  In all actuality, at one time, for a notable span of years, I did fall into the end of the world regime.  Today I take a more… outer rim approach, by really looking at what the finger-pointing does? 

What so I find interesting about this subject?  Well, for one. The people who accuse everyone and anyone of being an antichrist are the last people who should actually care.  For Christians that believe the prophesy of the book of revelation, the story is set in stone, for them at least.  The Revelation-Christian-train is steaming right down the track of, FATE, which would contradict their more pivotal God-given right, Free-Will. 

So let’s just for an instant imagine revelation is correct… Then who cares who the anti-christ is?  All that matters is the Christians believe what they are supposed to and stop scaring their own people into hysteria, or utter embarrassment.  The Westboro Baptist Church is an awesome example of what The-Revelation-Train has squirted out of its dirty vagina.

For the past two thousand years Christians and the like have assumed (ass-u-me) the end was near.  the crusades were supposed to be Armageddon.  mass suicides in 1800’s and early in the 20th century were attempts to get GODs attention. 

So why the book of revelation?  Out of all the books in the bible, Revelation seems to have, not only the most deliberate placement, but also the most doctored message.  “BE AFRAID AND JOIN US!”, which I am absolutely positive was not the message Jesus brought with him, and it is solid proof that the bible has HUMAN ambitions, and not super natural. 

Please. End-times-Christians.  Think about what you are doing when telling the world, full of flocks of sheep, that this person-or-that-person is the antichrist, and to be afraid of their capabilities.  As a christian, you shouldn’t care anyway, so it should be of no consequence to anyone.  Stop being part of the problem and quite your tongue in the matters that even you need not worry about.  (scare tactic)

The antichrist is anyone who believes it is necessary to use the book of revelation as a means to an end. 

Please, please, Christians! Tear the book of Revelation out of your bibles, and return yourselves to the people the peace maker Jesus wanted you to be.  Please stop spreading fear into this world, and start doing what Christians are supposed to do. LOVE THY ENEMY/NEIGHBOR / FAMILY, and so on.

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